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    Good to hear that the workaround was successful for you.  Thanks for the detailed post, and apologies for the inconvenience!





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    not sure if I understand your question correctly, in windows 2012, powershell its cmdlet get-disk should report disk offline or online?

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  • 09/14/16--19:25: Re: Query about EVC mode
  • Hi Tim,


    You should be able to raise the level of EVC within a cluster while the virtual machines are running, provided all of the hosts within the cluster support the new EVC mode. This is one of the ideas of EVC mode. For example, you could have the EVC mode set to Sandy Bridge and have hosts that are using Sandy Bridge processors, and then introduce Ivy Bridge hosts into the cluster. When all of the Sandy Bridge hosts have been replace by Ivy Bridge, you can upgrade the EVC mode from Sandy Bride to Ivy Bridge non-disruptively. Virtual machines won't pick up the new baseline until they are powered off and powered back on again (note: a reboot will not work).


    Can you confirm the exact model of the CPU in your newer vSphere 6 hosts?


    Are you getting any more information with the warning, such as Powered on / suspended VMs may be using the CPU features?

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    I am looking at the  PowerCLI cmdlets and cannot find a way to installvmtools.  I see it is there in the API, but don't see a way to interface via PowerCLI.  Any ideas?


    PowerCLI Version


       VMware vSphere PowerCLI 6.3 Release 1 build 3737840


    Component Versions


       VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite PowerCLI Component 6.3 build 3709081

       VMWare AutoDeploy PowerCLI Component 6.0 build 3736841

       VMWare ImageBuilder PowerCLI Component 6.0 build 3736841

       VMware vSphere PowerCLI Component 6.3 build 3709081

       VMware vSphere Update Manager PowerCLI 6.0 build 2503190

       VMware VDS PowerCLI Component 6.3 build 3709081

       VMware vCloud Director PowerCLI Component 6.3 build 3615264

       VMware HA PowerCLI Component 6.0 build 3625284

       VMware License PowerCLI Component 6.0 build 3615733

       VMware vCloud Air PowerCLI Component 6.3 build 3615264

       VMware PowerCLI Component for Storage Management 6.0 build 3617867

       VMware vROps PowerCLI Component 6.3 build 3615304



    Connect-CIServer -Server -Org vos


    $vApp_name = Get-Content ".\vApp_name.txt"


    $vApps = Get-CIVApp $vApp_name -Org vos


    foreach ($vApp in $vApps) {

            $vms = Get-CIVM -VApp $vApp

            foreach ($vm in $vms) {





    in this case vmware tools cd mounting on vm but not installing the VM tool.

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    How to reproduce:

    1. On a Linux host running VMware Workstation 12 Pro, setup two keyboard layouts, e.g.

      setxkbmap -rules evdev -model pc105 -layout us,gb -option -option grp:shifts_toggle

    2. Activate the second layout (in case of the above setting, pressing left and right shift simultaneously will toggle the layouts).
    3. Run any (Windows) VM guest and the symptom(s) will appear.
    4. The symptoms (dis)appear if the layout is toggled.


    1. The mouse pointer is locked within the guest even though the VMware Tools are installed and running and the PreferencesInputAutomatically grab and ungrab the mouse cursor checkbox is on..
    2. In some guest systems, the mouse generates probably a special kind of Mouse Wheel-Up Events when moving, clicking, or even wheel-scrolling. This influences some dialogs with list-boxes, up-down values, or sliders.

    Testing the second symptom in a Windows 10 guest:

    Run Windows 10 guest and go to Control Panel → Mouse and select either Pointers, Pointer Options, or Wheel tab and try to change values in the drop-down-menu (Scheme), list-box (Customize), slider (Select a pointer speed), or up-down value (the number of lines for vertical scrolling). The values will all change only up and they are changing even if the mouse pointer is just moving (while the particular setting is selected).



    • Use only one Linux host keyboard layout, or
    • switch to the first keyboard layout. If the second layout is used more often, swap the layout configuration and use the first one.

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    "FileSrv1"  didn't has installed "VMWare tools". After instalation "VMWare tools" on this server, the problem is solved.

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    There's an annoying bug in WIn7 where a svchost.exe process spikes a whole core.  Killing it a couple of times manually from task manager makes it settle back down.  Never did find out the root cause.

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    As I recall, 10.6 only supported USB 2 (I may be misremembering).  If so, a workaround is to use a USB 2.0 hub in between your 3.0 devices and the host.

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  • 09/14/16--21:26: Re: Orphaned Snapshot files
  • Thanks Andre,

    I will check the vmware.log file and confirm.

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    how do I define my vtep nics? What IP subnet?


    Do I take a range from my physical vlan and create a vtep pool?


    my physical uplinks on the dvs are 802.1q i tag the vtep pool with a vlan id?

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    Dear All,

    Can you explain me what is the difference between the above mentioned exam (2V0-642) and the actual VCP-NV (2V0-641) exam. Pearson VUE is charging only $50 for this exam. Do we go for this exam. Please comment.

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    Tryed with last version of tools and player, but the problem remain.
    Os Windows 10 virtualizated system Windows 7.

    HP Envy and NVidia Geforce.


    After upgrade the virtual machines are functioning correct but not the mouse on external screen.
    If you move the mouse or click on icons is functioning, double click on icons run the programs correctly.

    But menu click don't open it, click on cross to close a windows also, right click on menu don't function.
    Using only keyboard no problems.


    If the same window is moved on the screen of PC all return functioning correctly.
    I hade try also to use secondary screen as primary, but the problem is the same.

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    The problem is than after update the system has set for secondary display icon dimension and text setting to 120%.

    With this setting the problem compare, with 100% return functioning correctly.

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    Thanks, but I have been using such setup for years now and no problem until now. Certainly, the latest VMware update broke it.

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    Hello together,


    we got some ESX-Servers installed with ESXi 5.5 distributed over some locations. The ESXi-Servers are running just a few VMs stored on local datastores. Now we need to bring out a new VM template (25GB) to all those locations already configured in lab, but we dont know how to get them on the datastore. We already thought about some ways like:

    - trasmitting them over the network --> not possible cause the locations arent good connected

    - delivering a usb-stick with the image but how to get it on the ESXi-datastore since this system isnt able to read ntfs-formatted sticks, is it somehow?

    - copy the image on a nas in the location and mount it as nfs-share on the ESXi-host --> not possible since there is no nas in each location.


    Is there any way you think of how to get this VM-template on the ESXi-datastore?


    Thanks in advance for your help.




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    Yes, I tried it to no avail.

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    I was trying to AcquireTicket a ticker for a VM as mentioned but it fails with invalid “ticketType” property.

    How can I get this fixed?



    Thanks in advance.

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    Thanks Matt for the help..

    Can you please help me clear my concept…


    I have two lan cards with 4 ports each.. now if I take 4 ports 2 from each lan card for iSCSI will it be a good idea… as eventually I will not get 4Gb but theoretically 2Gb max from each switch. Now question is .. for the VM to VM communication or VM to internet communication … the network which gets used is VM network.. so load is on this network and not iSCSI or somewhere I have a wrong understanding.. this concept is actually not clear with me.

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    I installed ESXI successfully by burning iso in CD. I not able to find what i am missing in burning iso to usb.


    Few other things need to be noticed which installing through CD,

    - If you are using usb keyboard, you has to plug keyboard to motherboard inbuild usb port

    - Found "No Bootable device found" error after successfull installation of ESXi for this this please check the link "No bootable device" after successful ESXi 5 installation on Intel DG35EC desktop motherboard

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    Thanks for reporting this problem.  I think you should use

    We'll look for a more general solution to avoid this in the future.

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